Photoshoot Estimate

Please select the SQFT Range appropriate to your MLS
I am a licensed UAV pilot and insured. Keep in mind that some areas are restricted air space so I need to confirm that I can fly in the area before committing.
$ 0.00
For video request, contact me with your requirements. Video Minimum is an additional $150 for 60 Seconds. Prices are subject to change over time.
Let me know when this is needed and any additional comments or services you are considering. Call me - Doug Long @ (757) 651-8488 if you have any questions. (Custom Walkthrough Videos) OR (Agent Profile Videos) created at special request-Call to inquire
$ 0.00
Hit SUBMIT to determine what the charge would be and so I know the scope of work involved. This is only a request and not purchasing anything. I will contact you for additional details and to confirm my availability.

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